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Our Mission

Our planning-centered practice focuses on the retirement income needs – current and future – of our clients. Through a structured yet personalized process, we assist each client prioritize their goals then design and implement customized solutions focused on helping each client to pursue their goals. Our comprehensive planning approach recognizes associated common objectives of management of risk and wealth and the eventual transfer of wealth to the next generation or charitable interest.

For our younger clients, many the sons and daughters of our longer term clients, we emphasize disciplined financial habits and provide assistance in building wealth with the competing planning objectives of supporting the purchase and upkeep of a home and the education funding of their children. We work for and only for our clients. We don’t push proprietary investment products, nor are our recommendations influenced by corporate sales quotas.

What is Independence?

For Cornerstone Financial Services, LLC, Independence is the ability to make recommendations solely based with the best interests of our Clients in mind.

As detailed in About LPL Financial, we have the ability to select a business model we feel is in our Clients’ best interests; and to access a universe of non-proprietary products and providers without concern about sales quotas or corporate pressure to recommend one solution over another. Simply stated, our agenda is your agenda - our Client’s Agenda.

It was Lee’s passion to build a client-focused, community-based, planning-centered financial services business that lead to the decision to establish Cornerstone Financial Services, LLC. Having previously been exposed to business models that often exhibited contradictory objectives, Lee choose to align CFS with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer* in the United States.

Independence to us means the freedom to build a business based upon strong, trusting, long-term relationships with the select group of Clients with whom we work. Our Clients seek our candid, direct objective advice. Independence empowers us to deliver that advice.

* As reported in Financial Planning magazine June 1996-2017, based on total revenues.